A Reflection of our 2023 Giving Journey!

We leveraged the 5T's of collective giving for greater impact in 2023.

Lasindra Webb

2/5/20242 min read

We've collectively contributed more than $26,000 of our treasure, time, talent, ties & testimony in 2023!

SOAR Collective had an amazing 2023, expanding the ways we support our grantees through the 5 T's of Collective Giving. We collectively contributed more than $26,000 of our treasure, time, talent, ties, and testimony in 2023!


Pooled our collective financial resources, resulting in our 2nd grant award and support for two families during the holiday season. Additionally, we directly contributed to our grantees' programming, with a total contribution exceeding $9,845.

  • Awarded $7,115 to the Dorothy Mae Hall Women’s Center (DMHWC).

  • Provided $1,030 in direct cash assistance to two families, in partnership with fellow giving circle the 20/20 Sisters of Vision.

  • Members generously purchased tickets or made contributions to the Equity Before Birth (EBB) Maternal Health Dance Party (amount unknown).

  • Members also contributed by purchasing toys and essential items for the Dorothy Mae Hall Women’s Center (amount unknown).

  • Detria McMiller utilized her corporate giving and match program to gift an additional $1700 + to DMHWC.


Volunteered a total of 30 hours, valued at almost $1000 participating in three volunteer events/programs:

  • EBB Dance Party: Three members dedicated two hours each.

  • EBB Dance Party Committee: One member contributed five hours.

  • DMHWC: Eight members volunteered two hours each.


We leveraged our skills, expertise, and connections to provide additional support to our grantees, totaling a value of over $16,000.

  • Jamilla Hawkin extended support to Equity Before Birth (EBB) by awarding a full scholarship for participation in the North Carolina Nonprofit Management Institute. This program assists nonprofit organizations in strengthening their capacity.

  • Deitre Epps, through her company Race for Equity, generously sponsored EBBs Maternal Health Week Dance Party at the Platinum Level.

  • Lasindra Webb collaborated with EBB to produce a three-part podcast series titled "Dreaming of Fish: Pregnancy Tales from EBB." Broadcast on WNCU 90.7 (General Manager: Lackisha Freeman), the series aimed to raise awareness of the black maternal health crisis. Lasindra also secured a $10K grant to support EBBs ongoing communications efforts.

  • Jamilla Hawkins engaged MPA students in her Nonprofit Management course at North Carolina Central University to collaborate with Freda Bullock in consulting on vital aspects of the DMHWC, including communications, grant writing, and board development. The students compiled a comprehensive report and delivered their recommendations to Freda.

Stay tuned because we have even more in store for 2024!