Top (from left): Annette Roper Taylor, Danyelle Butler, Detria McMiller, Deitre Epps, Eulonda Epps

Bottom (from left): Jamilla Hawkins, Lasindra Webb (Founder), Titania Roberson

Top (from left): Barbara Augustine, Barbie Bolden, Ebony Perkins, Fawn Rhodes, Jamie Ewings

Bottom (from left): Lackisha Freeman, Safiyah Jackson, Travious Johnson

Founding Members


Past members (not pictured): Krystal Foxx, Ed.D. (Founding)

Our Story | Our Journey

The formation of The SOAR Collective began in June 2020, to create a space for Black women to come together and collectively pool their time, talent, and resources to address needs in our communities. We engaged in a deliberate process of trust-building, connecting, learning, networking, and community building to establish a strong foundation and structure for our giving circle. We recognize that everyone can be a philanthropist, you don’t have to be a millionaire.

Our journey is just getting started. There is power in the collective.