Becoming a Philanthropist!

Detria McMiller

11/9/20222 min read

Detria McMiller, Founding Member of the SOAR Collective.

Being in the world of philanthropy is something that I am very new to and it has been an exciting and rewarding learning experience. There has been so much to learn and retaining all of the thing’s learned coupled with personal purpose and aligning with people and organizations that fulfill that purpose has been super exciting for me personally.

A couple of years ago when I embarked on the journey with my giving circle sisters “The Soar Collective” there were a lot of unknowns, but through partnering with Community Investment Network (CIN) the information seemed a little less daunting due to their support and commitment to our success.

Fast forward to attending CIN on the Move 2022 conference/training in September I was able to see just how much I had grown in my knowledge, learn even more about philanthropy and build more community by engaging with other giving circles. During the conference it was interesting to learn the different paths to connect with people and get people engaged by meeting them where they are. Such as engaging in Social Media platforms, expressly how to get more visibility for our circle and even engaging the colleges to start giving circles on campus…who knew? But what a wonderful way to engage our future community leaders.

All in all, the best part of the conference for me aside of the meeting the great people and being in person was to be able to learn different engagement processes and techniques through using the resources readily available through the CIN Community Engagement Training tool. We are now ready to start recruiting and continue contributing to our communities!

SOAR Collective founding members (Detria McMiller, Lasindra Webb, and Danyelle Butler) attend CIN on the Move, Raleigh, NC. in September 2022